How to Reach Recent Canadian Movers in your Upcoming Marketing Campaign

Feb 21, 2023

Are you aware of how many Canadians move each year? Have a look at the stats below as they may surprise you: Source: Canada Post, Omnibus Fall 2021 Does your current direct mail marketing plan include communicating to this segment? If not, you’re missing opportunities to gain new customers. We can help you to connect […]

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Sell on Shopify. Ship with Innovative.

Jan 21, 2021

With online sales booming, the time is certainly right to start selling your product through an online marketplace.  But, with online orders come online reviews and if you do not have the proper tools in place to get your orders out fast, your business will suffer.  Studies show that over half of online shoppers mention […]

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Busyness Planning – Handling Order Volumes during Peak Times with your 3PL

Jan 16, 2020

If you have ever held a flash sale – or if you are still recovering from Black Friday/Cyber Monday, you are probably well aware of the pitfalls that can accompany those high sales volumes. “I got the wrong item, I ordered blue – why is this black?? “I traced my package and it has said […]

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When Unexpected Growth Becomes a Nightmare

Dec 19, 2019

You set up your storefront, you have your product ready to go, you spend some money on advertising and then it happens.  You get overwhelmed by a rapid spike in sales and with your company’s growth on the line you miss deadlines for fulfillment and shipping of orders. High-growth brands routinely run into these problems […]

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Direct Mail – Done Right!

Jun 26, 2019

There are likely a lot of marketing decision makers under the age of 35 out there who have not considered adding a direct mail marketing campaign to the mix. When you grow up in an increasingly paperless world, it may seem like an older, slower, more expensive and less environmentally friendly option than electronic platforms. […]

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Multi-Channel Fulfillment & Selling

May 9, 2019

Selling your products across multiple channels can be a simple task with the right partner. By placing your products on popular marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify, it gives you the ability to market your products to a larger audience, gain great brand exposure and most importantly, boost your sales! For many online sellers, the storefront […]

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What Does my 3PL Actually Do for Me?

Nov 29, 2018

When customers decide to sell their products via Ecommerce, order fulfillment and shipping are quite often the last things considered. However, keeping your online clients happy is about far more than a great Shopify site, you need a proven plan of action once your customer hits the “submit order” button! Enter the 3PL – a […]

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Eco-Friendly Direct Marketing – an Oxymoron?

Nov 29, 2017

We are not blind to our industries impact on the environment, which is why we take our role in respecting and protecting it very seriously.  You simply will not find a more eco-friendly supplier for your printing, direct mail and 3PL needs in the Mississauga and Toronto area!   We just passed a milestone anniversary with Bullfrog Power, which means we power our facility […]

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Going Back to Analog in a Digital World

Nov 6, 2017

The convenience of electronic communication like emails and texts may never diminish the excitement of getting an actual piece of personalized mail in your mail box.  Nestled between flyers and bills, it still provides that touch of excitement – someone has sent you something special!   Businesses are starting to realize that customers miss human contact.  In a […]

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What is the Distinction Between Direct Mail vs. Technology?

Oct 20, 2017

At Innovative Response Marketing, we spend a lot of time defending direct mail. On any given day, when we tell people what we do, we get at least one person who says: “Wow mail, that has to be a dying industry”. We completely understand that technology has changed the industry, after all, we have been […]

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