Eco-Friendly Direct Marketing – an Oxymoron?

November 29th, 2017 by admin in 3PL, Blog, Direct Mail, Print & Mail Comments Off on Eco-Friendly Direct Marketing – an Oxymoron?

We are not blind to our industries impact on the environment, which is why we take our role in respecting and protecting it very seriously.  You simply will not find a more eco-friendly supplier for your printing, direct mail and 3PL needs in the Mississauga and Toronto area!  10 years_logo We just passed a milestone anniversary with Bullfrog Power, which means we power our facility and machines with green energy.  We only use FSC certified paper and have extensive recycling programs for both our paper and packaging.

Being environmentally conscious is a choice we make every day.  We are always investing in ways to offset our impact on the planet.  If you are looking for a direct marketing supplier who truly cares about your environmental footprint, give us a call today.

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