How to Reach Recent Canadian Movers in your Upcoming Marketing Campaign

February 21st, 2023 by admin in Blog Comments Off on How to Reach Recent Canadian Movers in your Upcoming Marketing Campaign

Are you aware of how many Canadians move each year? Have a look at the stats below as they may surprise you:

  • 15% of Canadians moved last year
  • 87% moved from their current neighbourhood
  • 67% are willing to switch to providers closer or more convenient to their new home

Source: Canada Post, Omnibus Fall 2021

Does your current direct mail marketing plan include communicating to this segment? If not, you’re missing opportunities to gain new customers. We can help you to connect with this segment.

Pre-move: We can provide current data on Canadians who have Just Listed/Just Sold. These prospects would be ideal targets for companies who provide moving related products or services.

Post-move: We can also provide updated data on new addresses/new occupants. These prospects would be ideal targets for service based companies in a specific area. This could range from dentists and physiotherapists through to retail companies, large and small.

The exterior of a home in Canada that was recently sold.

A well-timed, direct mail marketing campaign is an ideal opportunity to provide new prospects with a tangible piece that has more staying power than a social media or digital based campaign. Individuals planning or unpacking from a move are busy and may want to keep a direct mail piece on their fridge or their coffee table, either to discuss with their family later or get to it when they have the time.

Studies done by direct marketing experts show that in homes of Canadians;

67% of Canadian read advertising mail, 33% of them save the mail they read, 71% of Canadians share advertising mail, and 81% of Canadians display advertising mail in their homes.

If you are looking to incorporate direct mail and this data into your marketing campaigns, we can help.

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