Myths of Outsourcing Print and Mail Management

Oct 24, 2016

Businesses that do not limit themselves to one particular marketing style always look for new and innovative ways of reaching out to their customers. Their endeavor is to create individualized and personalized communication targeted specifically to that market segment so that it has a greater impact and provides better results. In the recent years, many […]

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The Most Common Mistakes of Direct Marketing

Oct 5, 2016

The ability to reach customers reliably is one of the hardest parts of marketing. Direct marketing, unlike email marketing helps achieve this more efficiently. It allows you to elude that ‘spam’ folder and send your message directly in the hands of your target customers. Studies show that at least 77% of those who receive a […]

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Did you Know Fulfillment Services Help Run a Smooth Business

Oct 4, 2016

Collation, assembly, warehousing, distribution and material management – quite a daunting task to handle single handedly. In today’s fast paced world, whether you are a startup that needs to handle smaller volumes of orders or a veteran business running all these processes in-house, it has become imperative that orders be accurately delivered to their destinations […]

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