The Most Common Mistakes of Direct Marketing

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The ability to reach customers reliably is one of the hardest parts of marketing. Direct marketing, unlike email marketing helps achieve this more efficiently. It allows you to elude that ‘spam’ folder and send your message directly in the hands of your target customers. Studies show that at least 77% of those who receive a direct mail sift through it immediately and your chances of them responding and taking action also increases.

While it’s a known fact that direct mailing service is a more reliable from of marketing, it’s also important that you do not make the most common mistakes while you run your campaign:

1. The mailing list

To begin with, the mailing list is by far the most important part of your campaign. However compelling your content is, or however alluring your design and print is, if the list of target audience is messed up, your direct marketing campaign is bound to suffer. So, it’s important to do some research and draw up a list of highly targeted list of customers who will most likely respond to your mail. Check out those customers who previously brought the product or a similar product. Check out the results and enquiries from your public relation campaigns. So, before you begin any serious marketing – get the list ready.

2. The testing

Not testing your mail is another mistake that most marketers make. The end result is that you repeat the same mistakes. The easiest way to find out whether something will work is to test it. You cannot depend on past experiences and assumptions to estimate the results. This is exactly why running a test on a small group of customers or potential customers is of utmost importance.

3. The sales letter

Receiving a package without a letter specifying what it is about is looked upon as ‘junk’. That’s the third most common mistake that businesses make. If you are sending out free samples of your new product line, make sure that you send a sales letter along with the package. This letter is one of the most important parts of your package and has the ability to draw greater attention to your product and attract a response.

4. Superficial copy

The lack of content in your direct mail totally kills the campaign. The idea or the aim of a direct mail is to create a response. So, make sure that your mail copy has to the point – precise information that includes facts about your products or services rather than concentrating too much on the glamorous designs (designs are important too, only of the content is compelling enough).

Finally, there are going to be some pitfalls on the way, but make sure that these are not due to sheer lack of research or homework on your part!

Remember to take care of these points while you run a direct marketing campaign and you shall see success sooner!

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