More packages are shipped today than ever, and the industry continues to grow.

Innovative's custom tailored programs gives you flexibility to compete in this competitive environment.

eCommerce Fulfillment Made Easy

Brand success depends on how well companies are able to communicate what they have to offer. Corporate clients are always on the look-out for ways to provide information about their company to their employees, clients, prospects,

As a full-service 3PL provider, we fulfill ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer, retail and dropship channels by leveraging advanced technology and a centrally located warehouse in the Greater Toronto Area.  We are the perfect partner for small to medium sellers who are gaining sales momentum through your own website or through Shopify or Amazon.

Leverage our cloud-based order and inventory management platform, ssionals and customizable reporting to help your business grow!

How it Works

  1. Connect e-stores, marketplaces, retailers using our cloud-based warehouse management system.  Not quite ready for that?  Don’t worry, we have a team of customer service professionals who can easily import your orders or manually enter them daily. 
  2. Store inventory in our facility.
  3. We pick, pack and ship your products or materials daily.  We even provide all the packaging.
  4. Take advantage of our extensive shipping discounts.  You have the advantage of the combined discount rate of all our customers!  Our carriers pick up hundreds of packages from our facility daily and we offer a range of service options to get your material in your customers hands safely and securely, within the GTA or across the world.
  5. We provide full order and inventory visibility.
  6. Delight your customers and scale your business!

Our solution provides companies with a more efficient and easier way to manage their marketing collateral while improving brand consistency and accessibility to their materials. IRM’s self-service ordering gives your salesforce and employee’s access to your marketing materials within 24 hours.

Innovative is an FDA approved warehouse!

Integrated Solutions

Many of our clients take advantage of IRM’s additional service offerings including our print and direct-mail services and our promotional products offering. We can offer you customized print-on- demand services, so you can reduce the costs of storing and destroying unused or outdated collateral. The added benefit is that using our variable print service, we can create a more personalized piece tailored to the need of the users. Your Account Co-ordinator is also a re-seller of promotional items, which removes the hassles of working with multiple providers, helps consolidate invoicing and reduces transportation costs.  

Based in Mississauga, Ontario, we can manage the fulfillment of your marketing collateral including:

  • Variable Print Materials 
  • Training and Sales Materials
  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Promotional Productions
  • Products and Samples

eCommerce & Catalogues

We offer fully integrated solutions for catalogue and ecommerce companies with orders shipped within 24 hours of receipt. Our robust technology solutions coupled with strict adherence to our client's business rules provides an end-to-end fulfillment solution that ensures a superior, branded experience for your customers.    

  • Shopify fulfillment with just a few easy clicks
  • Web order processing
  • Shipment confirmations, including status and delivery tracking
  • Gift card processing and gift wrapping services
  • Branded packaging materials
  • Personalized package inserts
  • Returns management
  • Custom kit building