Direct Mail – Done Right!

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There are likely a lot of marketing decision makers under the age of 35 out there who have not considered adding a direct mail marketing campaign to the mix. When you grow up in an increasingly paperless world, it may seem like an older, slower, more expensive and less environmentally friendly option than electronic platforms.

But, what if direct mail marketing still actually works?

Direct mail, when done right, can still be a powerful weapon in your advertising arsenal. Here are a few tips to consider if you want to give this tried, true and tangible marketing platform a go the next time you are promoting a product or service.

The 40/40/20 Rule:
This rule dictates that the success and eventual ROI of your direct mail marketing campaign will likely depend on 3 key areas – 40% of your success will come from how targeted and effective your mailing list is, another 40% will depend on how good your offer or call to action is, and the remaining 20% will come from other things such as design, copy and delivery date.

Target Your Market:
Personalized mail is the way to go. Once you define your market it’s important to personalize your piece so you can properly track sales and manager your ROI. Working with an established mail marketing provider can equip you with key demographics so your message is hitting your intended audience.

If you are a successful restaurant chain offering an appetizer discount card aimed at Seniors, you don’t want to waste your message, your creative or your postage sending the mailing to anyone under the age of 55. Offering lawn care services in the GTA? Pick and choose your areas based on housing style and income levels.

The more targeted you get, the greater ROI you will see.

Offer Something Great:
Other forms of advertising like social media, tv and radio can highlight your product or service and can let people know that your business exists. However, direct mail can do more than that. Not only does it educate your market about your product or service, you have a tangible reminder or call to action that can be left in the hands of your audience.

Using a direct mail marketing campaign increases your call to action. It can advertise a sale or discount, provide an invitation to a new opening, house a sample or contain a reward card for repeat customers. At the very least, it should direct your audience to your website or social media platforms so they can further engage with your product or service.

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