Direct Mail Services

Professional marketers believe in the power of direct mail marketing and so should you.

Direct mail advertising continues to have a high response rate and can be used as a single marketing tool, or it can be supplemented into a digital ad campaign.

It also encourages recipients to explore a company’s website and social media, driving organic traffic. A consumer who receives a direct mail piece from a business may be more likely to choose a brand if they then see a Facebook ad, as repeated messaging can enforce a brand’s presence in their mind. 

We’ve been providing direct mail advertising services for over 25 years in both Canada and the USA. We offer all types of direct mail marketing services from design advice, direct mail postcards, real estate direct mail, targeted data services, personalized direct mail, data cleansing to postal pre-sorting. Along with direct mail marketing services for financial institutions. Our full service lettershop provides complete direct mail production including folding, laser printing, ink jetting and automated inserting. We deliver daily to Canada Post and the USPS.

Innovative is proud to be a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner. 

What is a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Expert?

Expert Partners are a small group of top suppliers that work directly with Canada Post. We are proud to be part of an elite group – only 34 across Canada – who are chosen by Canada Post for their knowledge and service levels in direct mail marketing.

As an Expert Partner, we can provide assistance in all three categories: physicality, data, and connectivity, and help manage the execution of Smartmail Marketing. We provide you with in-depth knowledge of direct mail service and campaign expertise from start to finish. Additional tools and services include postage discounts and demographic data & targeting.

Smartmail Expert Partners must meet stringent requirements to become and maintain their status. These requirements include quality of output, internal expertise and ongoing training, service capabilities, and many more categories.

Working with a Smartmail Expert Partner will ensure your direct mail campaigns are prepared properly and that you have all the resources of Canada Post available to you, with a single point of contact.

An image displaying the certification as a Smartmail Marketing Expert.

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