Multi-Channel Fulfillment & Selling

May 9th, 2019 by admin in Blog Comments Off on Multi-Channel Fulfillment & Selling

Selling your products across multiple channels can be a simple task with the right partner. By placing your products on popular marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify, it gives you the ability to market your products to a larger audience, gain great brand exposure and most importantly, boost your sales!

For many online sellers, the storefront or marketplace set-up is the easy part. But the decision to sell via multi-channels comes with a whole slew of complexities – you will need inventory management, order fulfillment, great shipping rates, retail compliance and the ability to hit the order deadlines imposed by the marketplace.

To be a success, you may need help.

Choosing a Third-Party Logistic (3PL) partner well versed in e-commerce fulfilment can help. Our abilities include:

• Integration of multiple order platforms so all orders flow to one place.
• Aggregation of that order data from any number of platforms into a single view, where it can be managed and manipulated.
• The ability to communicate inventory data back to any number of platforms to ensure stock levels are properly represented in store experience(s).
• Custom packing slips based on retailer preferences.
• Fast and accurate picking, packing and shipping of your orders.
• A full range of blank packaging to house your orders. Custom packaging on request.
• A clean, secure warehouse to house your products.
• Excellent shipping rates based on your volume + that of all our other customers!

Whether you are moving 20 orders a week or 100 orders per day, it makes sense to partner with the right 3PL in the Greater Toronto area. Contact us today so we can help you focus on sales and leave the rest to us!

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