Going Back to Analog in a Digital World

November 6th, 2017 by admin in Blog, Direct Mail, Print & Mail Comments Off on Going Back to Analog in a Digital World

The convenience of electronic communication like emails and texts may never diminish the excitement of getting an actual piece of personalized mail in your mail box.  Nestled between flyers and bills, it still provides that touch of excitement – someone has sent you something special!   Businesses are starting to realize that customers miss human contact.  In a world of automated call attendants, do it yourself screens at airports and restaurants and mass emails with no way to contact the sender, sending direct mail is a way to re-connect with your customers and to create a lasting impression.

When your objective is to start a new relationship with a client, or reinforce one that is already in place, the usage of ink on paper should not be overlooked.  “Thank you” is said best via mail; your communication will stand out and will provide tangible proof of your commitment to customer service.  Let’s be honest, designing and sending a direct mail piece involves more thought and preparation than a 2 second email and customers know this.  Choose a format that is “fridge-worthy”, something that can be posted in the customers home or place of business to serve as a reminder of the interaction and to reinforce your business in the mind of your customer.   Research has shown that emotionally connected customers will be more profitable to your business.

Its getting very close to the “most wonderful time of the year”.  A perfect way to reach out to your customers and show that human interaction is still an important part of your business is with the simple, humble holiday card.  Even if you decide to print and mail  a variable letter, ensure that there is a handwritten note at the bottom.  Little touches can make all the difference.


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