Why High Quality Printing and Accurate Delivery Matters in a Direct Mailing Campaign

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Returned, undelivered or erroneous mail is not only costly, but also can damage your brand. A piece of communication that does not reach its recipient because of any reason is an opportunity wasted.  Professional lettershops, who provide print and mail services, play an important role in any marketing campaign.

Here’s why these two services are of utmost importance in any direct marketing campaign:

Printing services

When you send out a mailing to potential clients or customers, the quality of the printing can often be your first opportunity to make a lasting impression.  The kind of printing you choose speaks volumes about your brand and its capabilities.  Having your return address and logo printed on an envelope, in colour, shows that you are a reputable business.  Direct impression inkjetting or lasering of your customer’s name and mailing address is more professional (and cheaper) than applying labels.  Using a custom postal indicia can really make your mail piece stand out and gives you access to postage savings that a stamp cannot.

Wouldn’t you rather concentrate on the more pressing business issues than worry about how your envelope looks?  Companies specializing in both print and mail services ensure that they have the high quality digitized equipment that is required to send out professional copies of your marketing materials. All you need to do is to select the right company for the job.


Mailing services

Accuracy and deliverability are two very important factors when it comes to mailing marketing content across to potential customers.  Data services that can cleanse your mailing list by purging duplicates, fixing addresses to Canada Post standards and verifying them against the National Change of Address (NCOA) registry are paramount to a clean mailing – one that reaches your target market with no wasted postage.

This is exactly why you need to engage professional mailing services companies for this task. The latest in data cleansing services are available to you through the services of these companies at a minimal cost.  Remember that professional mailing services companies can often offset the cost of your entire mailing – from data work through to addressing envelopes, folding and mechanically inserting into envelopes and delivery to Canada Post – all by the savings in postage that they can offer you.  When cost savings and timely marketing is important to you, and when isn’t it?  Consider outsourcing this service to a professional.

To sum it up, print and mail services are an integral part of any direct mailing campaign. It is best to let the professionals handle the task so that your success rates for accurately delivering the content to the desired audience are increased. It is also important to remember that while running a direct mailing campaign, the sooner you realize the importance of a good quality print and accurate delivery, the better the chances you have for getting a good ROI.

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