The Science Behind Direct Mail

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We’ve all heard the talk about how the internet will eventually kill the mail, and with the younger generations doing everything via a smartphone, it does seem like a valid concern to many.

However, as a direct mail service provider, we can tell you that marketing in the mail has not lost its momentum. For a variety of reasons, other forms of marketing have yet to beat out the humble letter or postcard that arrives in your mailbox! Let’s look at a few simple reasons before we get to some facts about direct mail:

1. It is very easy to block spam through basic email settings. Companies shy away from email marketing because it is just too easy for the recipient to block or delete the message. There is nothing tangible.
2. Marketing via social media is only good for certain industries. Typically, direct selling, home based businesses and smaller companies choose social media as their marketing tool of choice, but larger companies? They are not seeing the value.
3. Top internet search spots generally go to the Fortune 500 companies who can pay to obtain them. Factor in bots and click throughs and again, not a good ROI. Does anyone remember banner ads???

So why choose the mail? Well, studies have shown that for some target audiences, it’s simply easier to understand. Having a tangible piece of direct mail can actually increase your drive to action. Don’t think of a letter in an envelope here – direct mail has gone full sensory with mail pieces that can talk and even emit a scent to illicit a reaction from your audience!

Personalization plays a major role and is the cornerstone of any large, successful direct mail campaign. You need to tap into the information you have about your customers to increase the effectiveness.

66% of people keep mail that they consider useful. That pizza flyer on the fridge? The tip-on card in your wallet for 10% off an appetizer at your local restaurant? The sample you received of a new laundry detergent? All things that stay with your audience, and can be used later to influence a buying decision.

In a recent study, 57% of people feel more valued when brands contact them through the mail. It can be as simple as letting your customers know that you truly appreciate their business.

Want to add direct mail as part of your marketing mix? Then you should know that in response to direct mail:

~ 43% ordered a product online
~ 64% visited a website
~ 54% engaged in social media

When planning your next marketing campaign, think about leveraging these services to achieve the best saturation for your message. Working with a direct mail service provider can help you achieve the results you want, and offer many fresh new ideas.

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