Why Outsourcing E-Commerce Fulfillment Services is a Good Idea

August 5th, 2016 by admin in Blog, Fulfillment Comments Off on Why Outsourcing E-Commerce Fulfillment Services is a Good Idea

You’ve started your online store and are getting ready for orders to start rolling in!  As a start-up, it makes sense to leverage your growth by doing everything yourself; until your basement is full of product and the spreadsheet you used to track your inventory has crashed.

Not everyone wants the rules and regulations that come with the big 3 fulfillment providers or has the tech knowledge to do everything “in the cloud”.  Sure, you can turn to a shipping company for these services, but are you really getting the best price by committing your entire business to just one carrier?

Sometimes the practical solution is the easiest solution and in our case, good people make all the difference.


We’ll help you set up your account, manually count all your inventory as it arrives and customize our reports to your unique business requirements. We offer a clean and secure warehouse in Mississauga Ontario.  You pay only for the storage that you need and all receiving and inventory control is done automatically by our team.  You can choose to do and review everything 24/7 via a web portal, or you can do things in a more personal manner, by direct communication with your dedicated representative.

Subject matter expertise

We have been offering fulfillment services in the GTA for over 20 years.  We know how to manage your inventory, pick and pack your products securely and only ship through reputable carriers.  In fact, since we do this for so many customers, we offer the benefits of combined shipping rates.  Our customers help each other save money!


Flexible solutions

Need custom outer packaging?  We have a supplier for that.  Want your products gift wrapped?  No problem.  Want to include a personalized letter or card with the order, our on-site variable printing can do the job.  All of our fulfillment services are on-site and all are handled by your dedicated representative.  Ask us for help.

Strategic account management

Feel confident in the care of a dedicated Account Co-Ordinator who is familiar with your history and business needs.  He or she will guide you through the initial set-up and ensure that your orders get to your customers on time and on budget for years to come.  Our fulfillment services are completely scalable; we grow as you grow!

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