Direct Marketing Tip #2: Headlines count

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Despite the popularity of e-marketing, direct mail still works for many companies. How well it works depends on a number of things, it really is all about the variables!

We will be posting a tip each day to help you improve your response rates.  As a respected Canada Post partner and a long established direct mail company in the Toronto and Mississauga area, working with Innovative Response Marketing Inc. can help you target data, create tangible mail pieces that will grab your market’s attention and keep your costs down.

Headlines Count.

Your direct mail piece has about three seconds to hook recipients. The headline must trigger their “what’s in it for me?” reflex. That’s why pitches like: “Lose 10 lbs. in 2 Weeks!” motivate many people to read on. Notice it says nothing about the product and everything about what the recipient stands to gain.

When you’re writing headlines, “benefits” are more enticing bait than “features.” By the way, there’s an important piece of direct mail real estate that often gets overlooked. It’s the space on the envelope or the address side of a post card. There’s room for a teaser, such as “Valuable Coupons Inside.” Just make sure the placement of the phrase meets postal requirements.

In addition to a good headline, your solicitation can be enhanced with a good postscript. Many people who only scan letters will read down to the P.S.

And don’t forget the stamp!  You can now customize your *postal indicia (**replaces a stamp for most types of direct mail) by using a text or graphic that is created to look like a stamp.  Creating impact at the envelope stagewill only enhance the overall offer.

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