5 Things to Look For When Choosing Your Mail Service Provider

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Sure, price is always going to be a factor.  But when making the decision to award your print and mail campaign to a DM Agency, there really is more to think about.


A good mail service provider should do more than just stuff envelopes.  Choose a company with people who know the mail service but can also think creatively.  Collaboration with someone who knows Canada Post, USPS and how to effectively market your product or service in the mail will work with you from design to Post Office delivery.  Along the way to you can expect to pick up design tips that save you money on postage, get the best overall print pricing through trade partnerships and have a partner that can work with you creatively during the production process.  Your idea may not be as simple as a piece of paper into an envelope!

Customer Service

Face to face meetings with knowledgeable salespeople, one direct internal contact who supports your entire account (print, data, mail and fulfillment), accurate proofs, statements to confirm your mailing went out on time, accurate and timely billing……….all of these are crucial to a satisfying customer experience.  If you find yourself stuck in a revolving email cycle between several people, its time to look for a mail service provider who can provide all of the above – under one roof!


We’ve all worked with companies who say “you can’t do that”.  It’s frustrating for creative types who work in marketing and advertising to hit a wall when it comes to their print and mail service provider.  Pair with a company that works with you to find solutions to your creative dilemmas.  Good suppliers are here to achieve your objectives.


Top mail service providers know that you have to take ownership of your services; from honoring the prices contained in your quote to dropping the completed mailing at the Post Office on the date specified.  A supplier who stands behind every activity is one that truly shows a commitment to your business.   There is much more to reliability than just honoring prices and drop dates though – where does your current supplier stand on data security and know-how?  Can they supply best practices for precision targeting?  Can they do variable data printing so your mail pieces stand out?


There are a plethora of mail service providers out there.  So making your final selection sometimes just comes down to a gut feeling.  Always choose a supplier that has a strong industry reputation but a flexible approach.  The services of large shop, but the personal attention of small one.  Your job should be handled by people that you trust.

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