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Print Catalogues – A Direct Mail Revival!

August 8th, 2019 by admin in Innovative Concepts Comments Off on Print Catalogues – A Direct Mail Revival!

Recently we heard that the retail giant Amazon is producing a 70-page printed toy catalogue which may fill the void left by the demise of other popular toy catalogues produced by Sears and Toys “R” Us. According to various sources, the online giant’s first toy catalogue is being mailed to millions of customers this holiday season!

It seems that print and mail is enjoying a bit of a renaissance with some large E-comm retailers adding tangible marketing pieces to the mix – which makes a lot of sense. Large retailers with an online presence (think Ikea, Williams Sonoma, Uline) are going back to basics with catalogues that are mailed to customers. They are increasing their brand awareness with impressive printed pieces which can be both a resource and an inspiration – and that tactic is driving sales to both storefront and online marketplaces.

And it isn’t just catalogues. Online-only retailers are using lookbooks, wish lists and gift guides as a tangible piece to break through the digital clutter that is assaulting us daily online. They are finding that this medium is a great way to engage consumers and drive interest.

Still on the Fence About Printed Catalogues? Some Things to Consider:

1. Print Gets Noticed
Neuroscience tells us that physical media pieces are easier to understand and more memorable than digital media – and far more persuasive.
Motivation response (the feeling of wanting that drives urges and decision-making) for direct mail is 20% higher – even more so if it appeals to additional senses beyond touch.

2. Relax and Enjoy
Today’s catalogues provide inspiration and allow for thoughtful purchase planning. It can also help us manage our hectic lifestyles.
In an age of digital overload, where a large percentage of the population agree that the volume of email promotions they receive is overwhelming, print catalogues represent a welcome alternative – a way for consumers to engage with brands on their own terms, in their own homes.
Plus, consumers not only keep physical mail – they also display it and share it. This creates multiple opportunities for noticing brands and engaging with them.

3. Let the Integration Begin
Twenty-five per cent of printed catalogues trigger a website visit, and 33% prompt a visit to a retail store.1
Used in the right sequence, as part of an integrated campaign, catalogues can lead shoppers to additional information, to shopping from an app or enjoying in-store brand experiences. And that will put them on the path to purchase.

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