Professional marketers believe in the power of direct mail and so should you.

In this interactive age when everyone is blogging, watching YouTube and posting to social networks, why consider sending a humble postcard? Because it works.

We will show you how easy it is to market any business using direct mail in Toronto, Mississauga or anywhere in Canada or the USA. We take care of everything, from input on the design of your piece to printing to delivery to Canada Post or the USPS. You can focus on other things – it’s a smart and easy way to find new customers.

To deliver successful direct mail campaigns we offer the following services

  • Variable Print

    Variable Print

    Personalization is proven to increase response rates. With our full set of in house personalization capabilities, images and text can be changed at the individual customer level making your pieces highly targeted and effective.
  • Lettershop


    Our lettershop employs modern high capacity, high speed equipment to handle even the most challenging projects at competitive rates. Cutting, folding, inserting, we got it covered.
  • Printing


    Innovative offers a full array of printing services at competitive pricing, view our printing page, or contact us to lean more
  • Envelope Printing

    Envelope Printing

    Our in house envelope printing is a great way to cost effectively print customized envelopes, quickly at competitive prices.
  • On Demand Storage

    On Demand Storage

    Have on going campaigns? We can store your material on-site and use as required for each mailing, increasing turnaround and reducing your workload. Better yet, our in-house print division can print on demand for an all in one custom solution.
  • Postage Discounts

    Postage Discounts

    Postage is generally the highest cost of any mailing campaign. As a Canada Post Expert Partner we can offer you access to special postage rates. Give us a call to see if you qualify.
  • Data Cleansing

    Data Cleansing

    A properly cleansed database can make a world of difference. Addresses can be validated and corrected to ensure pieces are properly delivered. Duplicates removed to prevent your customers from receiving multiple pieces, and the NCOA service can make sure you are on top of your customer’s address changes. Even better, combined these services reduce waste saving you money on print and postage.
  • Easy and Effective

    Easy and Effective

    We offer easy and effective direct mail services in Toronto, Mississauga, in fact – North American wide! Our postal pre-sorting and demographic analysis ensures that your message reaches the right targets, plus we have all the state of the art equipment in-house to prepare every kind of mailing in a short amount of time. We also offer discounts on Canadian and US postage rates.
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30 June, 2015